After shoppint around for a cost-saving transportation option, Cowley College’s Security and Public Safety Department recently purchased a RadRover Electric Fat Bike. The electric bicycle was acquired to utilize in patrolling the campus. Cowley officials say the bike offers several benefits, including optional fuel usage for rapid acceleration, greater visibility for Officers on campus, and access to places patrol cars just can’t travel. Matt Stone is the director of security and public safety, and he says this particular model of bike is made to tackle almost any type of terrain, with the added comfort and stability of the fat four-inch tires. And since the bike is electric motorized, it is much more cost efficient to operate than a vehicle… costing only pennies to charge the battery. When you do the math, that equates he says, to about 415 miles per gallon. If the battery is completely drained, it only takes 2-3 hours to charge and the bike is ready to ride again. The bike can also be ridden without the electric assist or battery too, using good old leg power. It is not difficult to find parking, no need for insurance, much less maintenance, and it is also a great workout. Plus, the bike is also completely silent when the motor is operating, and there are no emissions and no heat. It can be driven anywhere outdoors or indoors.
Source: VNC News

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