The Winfield Board of Education met on Monday night at the Medley Administration Center, and voted unanimously to give all full-time Winfield public school certified staff members a $2,500 raise. The board also raised the base salary for district teachers to $39,000, in an effort to make Winfield more competitive in its search for staff members. Classified (uncertified) staff will receive 60 cents per hour raises, and salaries for administrative staff will be discussed down the road. Winfield National Education Association members have approved the contract, which is for two years. At the end of the 2017-18 school year, the district will reopen contract negotiations for the period beginning 2019-20. The board also voted to pay $4,200 per year toward health insurance for any teacher who is a member of the district health insurance group. However, anyone who has opted out of the health insurance coverage, will receive no other compensation in place of that benefit. The school board was also presented with the bids for purchase of 160 Chromebooks, that had been discussed at an earlier meeting, and unanimously approved the purchase of 160 Chromebooks for a total of $43,840.
Source: VNC News

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