Ark City, KS
Feels like 78°.
Humidity: 73% Dew Point: 68°
Clouds: 0% Pressure: 30 in
Wind: SSE 6 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 5:33am.
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101 77
Partly cloudy overnight.
2%   10%
6:28   8:42
108 86
Light rain overnight.
1%   32%
6:29   8:41
94 83
Light rain in the morning and afternoon.
38%   63%
6:30   8:41

    Here's What's Happening

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    Attorney General Answers “Do Not Call” Questions

    If you’re on the Do Not Call list, why do you keep getting those phone calls? We asked Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt that same question… Registration does not expire, so once you’ve registered, you don’t need to do ...Read More
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    He Ran, Now He Pays

    An Arkansas City man learned his fate Thursday morning in Cowley County Court, after he plead guilty to aggravated escape from custody. It was in April, when John Wooten escaped from jail while on a furlough for a doctor’s visit. ...Read More
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    The Wheat Harvest Continues

    The combines are rolling in a good part of Kansas. With today’s Wheat report, here once again is Marsha Boswell…
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    Wheat Harvest Continues In Kansas

    The 2015 Kansas Wheat Harvest continues. With more, here’s Jordan Hildabrand…
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    Cancer Walk Raises Funds

    Raising money to support the American Cancer Society, Cowley College’s Relay For Life team recently raised $8,268.92 during an event held at the Agri-Business Building in Arkansas City. With figures still being tabulated, Cowley College is currently the top fundraising ...Read More
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    Good News For Hospital

    South Central Kansas Medical Center administrators have received word concerning the hospital’s application for Sole Community Hospital status, and the good news is that the application has been approved. The new status will become effective from the date of the ...Read More
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    Nigerian Millers Visit Kansas Wheat Fields

    A group of Nigerian millers visited the Kansas wheat harvest last week. Marsha Boswell reports…
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    Shotgun Disturbance In Ark City

    Arkansas City Police were called out to a disturbance in the 700 block of North Fourth Street just after 5:30 Friday afternoon. 24 year old Nathanial Thomas of Arkansas City, had allegedly pointed a shotgun at a 24-year-old Arkansas City ...Read More