Ark City, KS
Feels like 79°.
Humidity: 72% Dew Point: 68°
Clouds: 0% Pressure: 30 in
Wind: SSE 6 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 5:27am.
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101 77
Partly cloudy overnight.
2%   10%
6:28   8:42
108 86
Light rain overnight.
1%   32%
6:29   8:41
94 83
Light rain in the morning and afternoon.
38%   63%
6:30   8:41

    Here's What's Happening

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    Ark City Police Are Hiring

    The Arkansas City Police Department is hiring. The department is looking for officers who they say, will need to posess high integrity, good decison-making and problem solving skills, and exceptional communication skills. The Ark City Police force is also attempting ...Read More
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    Appraisal Updates Forthcoming

    On Tuesday, Cowley County commissioners got updates from Cowley County Appraisers of the county’s MIS-GIS department. Starting in the spring and continuing into the fall, about 17 percent of the property in Cowley County – or each property, at least ...Read More
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    Crime Stoppers Hot On The Trail Of Wire Thief

    Cowley County Crime Stoppers are hot on the trail of whoever is behind a copper wire theft last month in Winfield that caused a widespread electrical outage. In fact, the wire theft has been named the Cowley County Crime Stoppers ...Read More
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    City Attorney Agreement To Be Unveiled Tonight

    In Arkansas City, tonight the commissioners will hear a first reading of a resolution to renew a professional services agreement between the City and City Attorney Tamara Niles. That will take place tonight at 5:30 at the meeting that is ...Read More
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    Religious Freedom Suit Dismissed

    On Tuesday, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit alleging that science standards for Kansas public schools promote atheism, and violate the religious freedoms of students and parents. The Associated Press is reporting that U.S. District Judge Daniel Crabtree, in his ...Read More
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    4 Arrested On Drug Charges Named

    A two month investigation into drug sales in our area, resulted in the arrests last week of four people on drug charges. Ark City Police say 29 year old Victoria Goree of Arkansas City; 24 year old Corie Bruton of ...Read More