Another inmate is suing the Winfield Correctional Facility… and others… claiming that his civil rights are being violated because he can’t practice a pagan religion that is often associated with white supremacy. Back on March 6th, Michael Neff… currently an inmate at the El Dorado Correctional Facility, but formerly an inmate in Winfield, filed the suit, naming as defendants the Winfield and El Dorado correctional facilities and employees of both facilities, along with the Kansas Department of Corrections and KDOC officials. In his lawsuit, Neff alleges employees of both facilities violated his constitutional rights through various means, including harassing him and confiscating religious items that belonged to him, and then transferred him from Winfield, a minimum custody facility, to El Dorado, a maximum custody facility, putting him in “a dangerous and hostile environment. He also says they changed his status to a maximum custody inmate once he arrived at El Dorado. He also claims that corrections officers at El Dorado restrained and pepper-sprayed him while he was being stabbed by another inmate. In his lawsuit, Neff asks for a jury trial, $1 million in financial relief, re-instatement of his minimum custody level, and reinstatement of all good-time credit lost because of multiple disciplinary reports. Another former inmate from Winfield, Marcus Drake, filed a similar lawsuit against the correctional facility last July. That lawsuit is still pending.

Source: VNC News