The City of Arkansas City on Thursday will rededicate the recently remodeled and renovated Agri-Business Building at 712 W. Washington Ave. The festivities will kick off with the City hosting an Arkansas City Chamber of Commerce coffee at 10am followed by a rededication and ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11. The public is invited to attend both events. Following the ceremony, there will a public come-and-go open house from 11 to 1.
This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments only will be served during chamber coffee. The City Commission of Arkansas City voted 5-0 on July 3rd last year to accept a proposal from Hutchinson-based Webcon Inc. for south roof restoration of the Agri-Business Building, for an amount not to exceed $67,500. This expenditure kicked off a series of subsequent smaller renovation actions. These included the installation of a new forced-air heating system, as well as two large high-volume, low-speed industrial fans to provide more air movement for usage during the warmer months. The floor was completely stripped and replaced, with brand-new purple tennis courts being installed. Also installed were new ceilings in the entry area and restrooms, Americans with Disabilities Act-
compliant improvements in the restrooms, and new energy-efficient lighting and paneling.
A new, secured electrical equipment closet was created and new doors were installed for the kitchen. Much of this work was accomplished in house with the help of the Parks and Facilities Division. Other improvements include the sound quality in the building with a new sound system. For more information about rental rates or to reserve use of the Agri-Business Building for a specific event, please call (620) 441-4401 or (620) 441-4402.

Source: VNC News