Another local business is calling it quits… Matt Bradbury, proprietor of Hometown True Value and Bradbury Kitchen and Home on Main St. in Winfield for the past 14 years, will begin selling off the contents of the two businesses. Bradbury points to changing habits of shoppers as the reason for his decision to close up shop. He says he noticed more than a few years ago, a trend in which customers began going more to Walmart and the big box stores… a trend that had a very adverse effect on his local business. Now, he says as online shopping has become the norm, the cost is just too much to bear for a small business like his. Bradbury Kitchen and Home he says, couldn’t compete with the mega stores and online retailers. He says it was simply a matter of hundreds of items at Bradbury Kitchen and Home vs. millions of items at Amazon. Bradbury says that despite trying to convince people to shop locally for years… and often get better prices than online, he just couldn’t convince enough people to remain in business. Bradbury said he doesn’t yet know what he’ll do when the business closes. He did say he is looking for a job though. The store is closed through today, while employees prepare for the sale which begins at 8 tomorrow morning. Everything, including shelves and fixtures… will be sold. Hours for the going out of business sale are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Source: VNC News