The City of Arkansas City is continuing its annual fire hydrant flushing program, with work now proceeding across north-central Arkansas City this week. According to information provided by Ark City Public Information Officer Andrew Lawson, the Environmental Services Division will begin flushing Sections 7 and 8… a total of 90 fire hydrants along and north of Kansas Avenue, east to the BNSF Railroad, west to 15 th Street, north to Radio Lane and northeast to Highland Drive, excluding the North Summit Street corridor. The only area to be excluded is Section 9, which encompasses the North Summit Street corridor from Kansas Avenue to Edgemont Drive, between A and First streets. Flushing will continue in Sections 7 and 8 for several days. All flushing will be conducted between 8am and 3pm, Monday through Friday only. Water customers might experience temporary discoloration or low water pressure during the fire hydrant flushing program.
Most discoloration can be corrected… according to city officials… by flushing a faucet for a few minutes. However, if flushing does not correct the problem or if you continue to notice a pressure loss, call (620) 441-4480 or (620) 441-4492. The Public Works Department advises that you do not wash laundry if your water is discolored because that can stain the items. If laundry does become stained, please leave the items wet, call the Public Works Department, and a detergent designed to remove the stains will be delivered to your address.

Source: VNC News