The City Commission of Arkansas City, according to the Traveler, heard a complaint from a local contractor about permit enforcement. The complaint was brought to their attention by Mell Kuhn, owner of Kuhn Mechanical, who said his workers had been “harassed” while on an emergency repair job at ADM Milling by the city’s code enforcement inspector, Travis Guess, and a police officer. Kuhn apparently had a problem with the fact that a permit was necessary for emergency repairs. He said Guess called the work “a crime”. Kuhn said that allegation was damaging to his business’ reputation. Kuhn also told the city commission, that other local contractors have been complaining of similar treatment while on jobs. Mayor Chad Giles promised to meet with Kuhn and any other concerned contractors, as well as Guess and City Manager Nick Hernandez, in an effort to reach some sort of agreement on the issue.