Ark City Police are taking some new and different steps in their effort to reduce neighborhood theft and burglaries. Police say they want to see residents become more aware of activity in their neighborhoods, and more protective of their own personal property. Officers plan to visit residents in high crime areas to inform them of current problems, and offer tips for staying safe and for protecting their property. A special flyer has also been created, and it will be distributed in those higher risk areas. The Arkansas City Police Department now has two officers who are assigned to community-policing… with their primary responsibility to prevent crime by visiting neighborhoods where crime is happening and then educate residents about the activities in those areas. As for that flyer, well it warns peopls that unattended items left outside, such as mowers, bicycles, trailers and tools are often targets. They say if you have anything of value, lock it up or put it in a secure location. If you want to learn more, call the police department’s non-emergency number, (620) 441-4444.
Source: VNC News

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