A warning today from Arkansas City Police about leaving valuables in vehicles… following a recent rash of burglaries involving vehicles in town. Many citizens have recently reported what are being termed “smash and grabs.” Police are investigating five different cases that they suspect are related. Ark City Police Chief Dan Ward says they are happening all across town and there is not a specific area being hit. Ward says several vehicles have had windows broken out and valuables inside those vehicles have been stolen. The most common items being stolen are women’s purses.
In some of the cases, credit and debit cards have been illegally used shortly after the burglary, and despite what you may think, many if not most of the thefts have occurred during the daylight hours. Police in other areas have also reported an uptick in similar incidents, leading law enforcement to conclude that the same people are behind it in several communities. Investigators currently are working in an attempt to identify possible suspects. You are urged to call 911 or contact the Arkansas City Police Department at (620) 441-4444 if you see anyone who appears to be acting suspiciously or looking into parked vehicles.
Source: VNC News

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