Arkansas City voters will soon get ballots in the mail, asking whether or not they want to continue two sales tax initiatives for South Central Medical Center… or just one. In August, voters will get the questionaire, which seeks to determine if instead of paying 1.5 percent on purchases in town to keep the hospital afloat, as is the current situation, people would pay just 1 percent. The deadline to return the ballots will by September 6th. According to the local newspaper, the difference is that the proposed new 1-percent tax would have no ending date, and would help reassure those holding the hospital’s construction bonds that a constant stream of money exists to repay the debt, which now stands at nearly $40 million. Under the current plan, a half-cent tax is scheduled to expire early next year, and a 1 cent tax ends in 2026. The city plans to hold town hall meetings to answer questions about all of this… the fourth tax vote for the hospital since 2008. Meanwhile however, the hospital is still losing money. Mayor Dan Jurkovich asked an important question… he said if hospital can’t make it on 1 1/2 percent, how in the world is it going to make it on 1?

Source: VNC News