A collection of 18 paintings that were commissioned by Binney and Smith for their officies in Winfield back in the mid 80’s, are now being offered for sale by the Winfield Arts and Humanities Council. The paintings vary in size from 18-by-24 inches to 5-by-5 feet and were painted by R. Bolton Smith, an American impressionist from Kansas. Smith came to Winfield and met with Merrill Gordon… who designed the offices… along with executives at Binney and Smith, who expressed their love of nature, Kansas hills and prairies, and hunting… which were all eventually designed into the paintings, which were framed in oak frames made in Wichita to match the woodwork of the Binney and Smith offices.
When the Binney and Smith offices and plant were closed, the paintings were given to the Winfield Arts and Humanities Council. Now, those same paintings have been appraised and are available for sale. For more information about buying any of the pieces, call the arts council office at (620) 221-2161, ext. 11. They are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Source: VNC News