Panic gripped downtown Arkansas City Friday afternoon, when word came of a possible bomb in front of the police station. The area was blocked off by police for about three hours. The device… which was found by a landlord while cleaning out a rental property, was taken to an unpopulated area and safely detonated. The landlord, who is not being publicly identified, brought the device to the police station, saying he didn’t know what to do with it. Police quickly told him to take it back outside and lay it on the ground. Officers then placed a so-called bomb blanket over the device, and the area was evacuated. The Wichita bomb squad was called in, and what is being described now by the local newspaper as a “pipe bomb” was safely detonated in a secure location. An investigation is underway, and the former tenants of the property where the device was found, are being sought. By the way, because City Hall was closed Friday afternoon because of that bomb scare, people with water bills that were due Friday have been given an extension until today to pay with no late fees.

Source: VNC News