The Arkansas City Commission met on Friday, when commissioners voted to re-approve a Memorandum of Understanding between the city and the county for repair of the approach to the Chestnut Avenue bridge. That bridge has been shut down since last May because of damage from flooding. The agreement outlines the amounts and responsibilities of each party for the necessary repairs to at least get the bridge open again while a permanent solution is figured out. According to it, the maximum equally shared expense is $250,000. Upon finalization of that agreement last week, the work got underway, and the bridge is expected now to be open to traffic again within the next few weeks… although the road leading to it will remain gravel and will be unpaved until March or April, when the weather warms up again enough to pave it. The bridge was built back in 1925, and has been labeled a fracture critical bridge. It has been approved to handle traffic only up to a maximum of five tons.