The board members of the Cherokee Strip Land Rush Museum now have an official cost estimate of more than $300,000 to bring the current HVAC system up to snuff. The good news is that a donation fromthe V.J. Wilkins Memorial Foundation in December, was earmarked for that very cause, and the funds have been sitting there waiting since then. However, any further delay in spending the money, could result in the failure of the museum to get any additional money from the foundation in the future. Policies of the Wilkins Foundation stipulate that the money that is distributed must be spent by the grantee within a certain period of time, or no more money will be granted to that particular entity. However, due to the complexity of the deal involving the replacement of the heating and air conditioning at the museum, director Sandy Randel has been talking to the foundation’s board of trustees to explain it all, and to seek an extension if necessary. Meanwhile, according to printed reports, the board tabled any further discussion about the HVAC systems until its next meeting, in July.