The Cowley County Commission met this week, when, according to the Ark City Traveler, they learned more about some previous problems with the county’s employee health insurance. Michah Boulanger is a broker for the county between county employees and insurance companies. He is employed by Encompass HR Solutions. At Tuesday’s meeting, he told the commission his firm had an “employee issue” and that he had resolved it by assigning another worker to handle the county insurance cases. Boulanger’s job is to find the best deal for the county workers and the taxpayers, and he is also in charge of communicating with the employees over any concern they may have with their health insurance claims. The commission had previously been unhappy with the performance of Boulanger and Encompass HR Solutions, after several commissioners reported phone calls from county employees complaining of receiving collection notices over medical bills they had believed were covered by the county’s health insurance programs. Boulanger said the personnel change should help to prevent further issues with county employees and their insurance coverage.