Cowley College is offering a new course, Introduction to Firearms. This class is being offered in connection with the Criminal Justice Program and will begin in the Fall semester. It’s designed to benefit everyone… from people who have never held a firearm up to the level of someone who has moderate to significant experience with firearms. The class is offered for college credit and is open to anyone that is registered as a student at Cowley.
Introduction to Firearms will cover several topics associated with firearms, including firearms safety, operation and maintenance and will allow students to gain experience with pistols, shotguns and rifles. The course will be instructed by Robbie Delong, the interim Chief of Police for the Winfield Police Department. Delong has also instructed firearms qualification for the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and has years of firearms instructions experience. He has also served as the team leader of the Southern Kansas SWAT team. Enrollment for this course at Cowley College is underway. For more information call (620) 441-5285

Source: VNC News