Two Cowley College students have been arrested following a fight over the weekend, in which one attacked the other with a box cutter. 19 year old Jaquor Dwayne Pugh of Beaumont, Texas is charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and battery. Pugh was locked up in the Cowley County Jail in lieu of $20,750 bond. 19 year old Dominique Angelo Carrasco, of Aurora, Colorado was arrested on suspicion of battery. He was locked behind bars in the county jail in lieu of $750 bond. The whole thing unfolded Saturday night, when witnesses say Carrasco and Pugh began to fight in a dorm room. That’s when Pugh allegedly threatened Carrasco with a box cutter. Carrasco left to return to his room, but Pugh followed him. The fight continued in the hallway and Pugh allegedly cut Carrasco with the box cutter.