The Cowley College Board of Trustees met Monday night. It seems that most everyone is very passionate about the Agri-Business building. But according to printed reports today, there were also some underlying concerns expressed about the future of a building that sits at 712 W. Washington Avenue. The concerns stem from a letter to the editor of the Traveler, written by Carl Davis, the President of the Ark City Tumbleweeds Car Club, which referred to something that showed up in the college’s master plan, that mentioned the possible use of that building as a new home for the campus shipping and receiving operations, should the college acquire the building. Davis said he was concerned, because the club, that uses the building annually, is expecting more than 1,200 cars at this year’s show. He said other community organizations also use the building. Davis says the building was built with public funds, and therefore, it should remain a public building. In addition to use by the car club, the building also is home to the annual Cowley County Friends of the NRA banquet, most generally the largest such event held in the state.