Cowley County Crime Stoppers are hot on the trail of whoever is behind a copper wire theft last month in Winfield that caused a widespread electrical outage. In fact, the wire theft has been named the Cowley County Crime Stoppers Crime of the Month for November.
It all started around 3 a.m. Nov. 3 at the Winfield Fairgrounds, when a power outage darkened a portion of the city.
At the fairgrounds, police found a safety belt up on a power pole, where it is thought someone was tampering with and trying to remove copper wire from the power lines.
Later, officers found other areas within the fairgrounds where copper wire had been stolen.
Now, officials say whoever did it most likely got hurt, with anywhere from minor to severe burns and injuries from coming into contact with the high voltage.
Now, theWinfield Police Department is asking anyone with information regarding people with similar injuries to call the department at (620) 221-5555.