A former Kay County Detention staff member has been arrested. 37 year old Bambi Nichols of Ponca City, was locked up behind bars herself, in the Kay County Jail on Tuesday, where she now faces felony charges of embezzlement. Nichols is accused of taking $4,385.25 out of the cash bond account. An investigation turned up surveillance footage at the jail, which showed cash bond payments were being handled correctly until it reached the finance office, where Nichols was filling in for another employee in November and December. When pressed during a police interview, Nichols confessed to taking the money to pay her bills. She even wrote a voluntary statement to that effect. The arrest of Nichols marks the second jail staff employee to be charged with embezzlement at the jail in less than two years. Nichols is now out on bond, as her case moves forward.
Source: VNC News

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