A former Winfield police officer, now has a new job as a police chief. Sean Skov has been hired as police chief for the City of Argonia…. west of Wellington. Skov was fired in May last year from the Winfield Police department, after conducting a traffic stop that led to allegations of racism and harassment from the black driver. Officials in his new city say they were fully aware of the circumstances surrounding Skov’s departure from the Winfield Police Department, but after investigating his background, they felt confident that he was the guy for the job… saying his work ethic and positive attitude were evident to interviewers. They say he is doing an excellent job, and they are happy to have him and his family as part of their community. Skov’s career in law enforcement in Cowley County goes back to 2005, when he was a corrections officer at the county jail. After that, he was promoted to sergeant in the Sheriff’s Department. He then joined the Winfield department, where he was promoted to master officer in late 2017.

Source: VNC News