An Arkansas City man learned his fate Thursday morning in Cowley County Court, after he plead guilty to aggravated escape from custody. It was in April, when John Wooten escaped from jail while on a furlough for a doctor’s visit. On Thursday, Wooten entered a plea deal that ended with the dismissal of the cases, and the parole terms issued in those cases, that he had been serving when the escape occurred. Wooten, according to his attorney, suffers from mental health issues, which are controlled by medications. It was desperation, according to his attorney, caused by his knowledge that his medication would not be available to him for the 60-90 days he would be incarcerated, that led Wooten to decide to take off. Now, because of the escape, Wooten will be locked up for the next 13 months, followed by 12 months of supervised probation. He will also have to submit a DNA sample, pay court appointed attorney fees, a $193 docket fee, a $100 BIDs application fee, and a $200 DNA fee.