Lights, camera, ACTION! Netflix has announced that it plans to film a paranormal series in Newkirk. According to Netflix, the upcoming show will be set in a fictionalized version of the town, with filming set to begin in September. The show is titled “Hunting Jessica,” and is based on a fantasy novel of the same name by Elizabeth St. John… an Oklahoma author. The series combines elements of fantasy and horror to tell the story of Jessica, a small-town girl who lives in Devil’s Bend, where one day, a shocking murder happens. Native American folklore also plays into the plotline. St. John, the author of the novels, based the book in Newkirk… saying the town’s perfect for the kind of show it is. Filming is expected to begin the second week of September, and will premiere in early 2020 on Netflix. They are also using as much Oklahoma talent as possible, from actors to set crew. The entire series will be filmed in Newkirk. All of the footage will be done in Newkirk. The series has the potential to revitalize and bring more attention to Newkirk according to the Newkirk Chamber of Commerce… along with financial benefits. The series is set to film for six weeks for the first season, with a premier in February.