It’s no secret that South Central Kansas Medical Center has suffered severe financial problems recently. Now, after a meeting on Tuesday of the Arkansas City Commissioners, the operations and the finances of the local hospital, could soon be getting a closer inspection. Ark City Commissioners decided to create a new/special review committe, and to possibly change a city ordinance that governs how the board is structured. It would include a more detailed financial examination. City Manager Nick Hernandez suggested bringing in some people with financial expertise to take a close look at the financially struggling hospitals operations might be in order. He is pushing to establish a committee to conduct an in-depth review, and he says he would also like to see the hospital put its plan of operation in writing… along with a timeline for the completion of each item in that plan… which he says is often discussed, but remains unclear. After much discussion, the commission called a vote, and decided to explore creating just such a review committee. Next up… a work session is planned for next Friday, April 27th, to go over more of the hospital’s issues.

Source: VNC News