A flyer has been circulating locally, containing information about a lawsuit that has been filed against South Central Kansas Medical Center by a former patient. The anonymous flyer warns that patients of the hospital since 2015 who underwent any kind of procedures should get tested for HIV, because… according to the flyer anyway… the medical center is being sued for not sterilizing operating tools after surgery with HIV patients. The flyer includes a copy of the Courier Traveler dated March 28th about that lawsuit. According to the local paper, hospital CEO Jeff Bowman released a statement that he says now clarifies that the patient suing the hospital is not claiming that she contracted HIV and is not claiming that there is an ongoing problem. The hospital also denies that she was exposed to the virus. Bowman’s statement goes on to say that no patient has ever contracted HIV from a procedure or surgery at South Central Kansas Medical Center. The hospital denies the patient was exposed to HIV.

Source: VNC News