A former Arkansas City High School teacher who was charged with having unlawful sexual relations with a 17-year-old female student last year, was handed an 18-month suspended jail sentence after reacheing a plea deal with Cowley County prosecutors. The agreement in the case of Ethan Huff, came just as a jury trial was set to start yesterday. The deal cancelled that trial. Huff entered an Alford plea, in which he maintained his innocence while admitting that the evidence would likely lead to a guilty conviction. According to the plea deal, the charges against Ethan Huff were amended to battery, contributing to a child’s misconduct or deprivation, and interference with the judicial process. Huff will still have to serve 18 months in jail if he breaks the law over the next year. He also has to pay court costs, and submit a letter to the Kansas State Board of Education, stating he will never apply for a Kansas teaching license again, and that he will also not apply for a teaching license in another state. Huff was a social studies teacher at Arkansas City High School before his employment there was terminated.

Source: VNC News