Autopsy results from the Cowley County coroner’s office, now shed light on the deaths of three inmates, who all died while in custody in the Cowley County Jail within one year. 48 year old Jason Porter of Arkansas City, died Oct. 19, 2017; 33 year old Jesse Crable of Winfield, died Nov. 29, 2017; and 30 year old Steven Spotts of Winfield, died Oct. 18th of this year. The official autopsy reports show that the deaths of both Spotts and Porter were suicides. Crable’s death was ruled accidental, the result of mixed drug and alcohol intoxication. He also suffered from plaque buildup on the arteries and sleep apnea. Since the most recent death at the jail, no additional measures have been adopted yet, but the jail staff has been talking with Four County Mental Health personnel about increased training, which would teach workers at the jail how to better recognize the signs of mental health issues.

Source: VNC News