A native of Udall, who has been living in Las Vegas for the past three years, was working at the Route 91 Harvest Festival when the shots started to rain down on it Sunday evening. Erica Terrell says she was selling merchandise at the festival, where it seemed like a big party, with everyone happy and excited. But that all changed during the performance of Country Music Artist Jason Aldean, when everything turned chaotic. She says people were running everywhere. Terrell said she did not know where the shots were coming from and felt scared. She says all she saw was a flood of people running. Terrell and her co-workers ran into the merchandise trailer to hide, but then got out and ran north of the venue. They tried to get into the Tropicana Hotel but were turned away because all of the casinos went on lockdown. Terrell says she is grateful to be alive, and all of her crew is accounted for. All of her friends, who were attending, are accounted for and uninjured.
Source: VNC News

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