A KDOT project to replace a bridge on Crestwood Drive, over Crestwood Creek, is scheduled to begin Monday. The bridge is located just north of East Madison Avenue, about 2,000 feet east of the Walnut River. Crews will begin placing official closure signs Monday. The bridge will be closed beginning Monday, but motorists should take the next few days to begin familiarizing themselves with detour routes. Residences along Crestwood Drive, Kirk Road and Meadow Lane can be accessed from the north by way of either Crestwood Drive, via Chestnut Avenue, or Eastridge Drive, leading to Centennial Road. The $396,907 project has a schedule of 70 working days and 20 cleanup days, and the bridge closure is expected to last for a minimum of three months. The project will involve the demolition and replacement of the existing 88-year-old bridge, which was originally constructed in 1930 and is structurally deficient.

Source: VNC News