A local business will be shut down if they don’t comply with a city regulation. Steamy Joe coffee shop has been given 30 days to install an upstairs sprinkler system, which if they had been held to the original requirement of a commercial system, would have set them back about $30,000. If the business doesn’t comply, the city will pull the water meters, effectively shutting down the business. The city handed down the order on Friday, saying that temporary occupancy was granted so the business could start training employees, with the stipulation not to allow people upstairs. Now, owners Ruth and Randy Ryel have 30 days to get a contractor and fill out a permit” or the utility services will be discontinued to the building at 216 W. Central Avenue, which just opened recently, in October. The owners now say that the city has done little to assist them with opening a new business. They did say though, that they do appreciate the variance that allows them to install a residential system, instead of the $30,000 commercial system. They say that would have put them out of business.