If you like getting on the water for a little relaxation, you might want to check out the new pontoon dock at Veterans Memorial Lake in Arkansas City. The old dock was retired, and removed and the new one was put into place last Friday. Mike and Kendra Jarvis donated the barge, so the city incurred very little expense in making the improvement. The Jarvis’ own Mike’s Bait and Tackle Shop. It was sitting on their lot, and Mike Jarvis said he knew it needed some work, and he had intended to restore it, but he just never had time to get around to doing it. Jarvis says originally he planned to sell it, but when approached by the city, he just decided to donate it instead. The city moved it, and did all of the needed repair work before anchoring it in the lake. Now, a new sidewalk and a ramp with handrails have been built to allow safe and easy access.

Source: VNC News