The Ark City Traveler this morning is reporting that Representative Virgil Peck of Tyro, responded on Monday regarding his use of a private state plane to fly to Topeka to cast a vote on education funding reform. Peck reportedly said that taking the flight was not his idea, nor was it something that he wanted to do. He told the paper that he was informed on March 11th, just two days before the vote, that there were 67 “yes” votes for the bill, more than the amount necessary to pass it. But others in the capitol say that Peck had been warned ahead of time that there would be an important vote, and he was asked to stay, yet he chose to leave anyway. The plane became available on March 13th. Some say that Peck was not forced to use the plane, and wrack up the expense of doing so. Instead they say, he could have driven or chosen not to return at all. The Lawrence Journal-World reported that the plane carrying Peck landed in Topeka two minutes before the final vote was tallied.