Arkansas City Police arrested a 17-year-old Arkansas City boy on Saturday in connection with a traffic accident, that officers say may have been connected to a prior incident in which a vehicle drove through Wilson Park, damaging City equipment in the park. That incident remains under investigation.
The juvenile was with suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, having no driver’s license,
no proof of insurance, possession of tobacco by a minor, and transporting an open container of alcohol. Officers were called about 2:30am on Saturday to an accident in the 1200 block of North A Street. They say a pickup truck was northbound on A Street when it hit another pickup truck that was parked along the street. The juvenile driver was taken into custody. Later Saturday morning, police were called to Wilson Park for a report of criminal damage to property, where they learned that a vehicle had driven over the curb, hit a trash container, a grill, a picnic table, and a light-pole fixture, then left without stopping. It is believed that the same vehicle and driver were involved, but the investigation remains open.

Source: VNC News