State Sen. Larry Alley of Winfield, says there have been a number of thefts of politician signs for Republican candidates recently. Alley says some of the signs he personally has put up over the past couple of weeks have been stolen… some as many as four times. Alley told the local paper that as soon as he replaces them, they are taken down again. He says while some of them were originally placed close to the road, since then, they have been placed farther back… yet still they keep coming up missing. Cowley County Sheriff David Falletti is investigating, and the sheriff says there probably have been even more problems with political signs, but they haven’t been reported. A reminder to those responsible… removing a sign also is trespassing, and replacing them is not cheap. Anyone caught stealing or vandalizing a political sign will be prosecuted, and if someone damages a political sign, it would be criminal damage to property.

Source: VNC News