The rezoning plans for land on Skyline Road will be sent back to the city commission in Arkansas City, without any of the suggested changes the commission requested during their last meeting. City commissioners expressed concern at the Dec. 1 meeting that regulations in the plan would cause undue hardships to the property owners. One big issue was a requirement that doors on the storage unit would not be facing Skyline Road or the MeadowWalk Apartments. The owners of the facility, Joe and Rachel Hanna, said that would indeed be a hardship. But Planning Board member Charles Jennings said he didn’t want to change the comprehensive plan just for one case, saying that going on a case-by-case basis defeats the entire purpose of having a plan. The new plan would rezone the plot from R-3 (high-density residential district) to C-2 (restricted commercial district). This designation would allow the property owners to build the proposed storage units. The property has been vacant for 14 years. The length of vacancy was a deciding factor on the city commission being willing to rezone the property in the first place.