A medical malpractice trial that was held in November, has now resulted in a ruling by the jury, that favors a doctor from Arkansas City. According to the most recent issue of the Courier Traveler, the Cowley County jury ruled by an 11 to 1 vote, that Dr. David Schmeidler was not at fault in the case filed by Kenneth Dow of Arkansas City. No damages therefore, will be awarded. Dow alleged in his lawsuit, that a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Schmeidler in March of 2013 led to a perforated colon, which led to two additional surgeries to repair. Dow sought $150,000 in damages. But Dr. Schmeidler and another doctor who was also named in the suit, both denied the allegations… claiming instead that Dow was at fault for not following discharge instructions. In the end, their arguments prevailed.
Source: VNC News

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