An Arkansas City man, arrested last month for allegedly sending text messages to a 15-year-old female that threatened violence against her family unless she sent him explicit photographs of herself, was in court Thursday.
39 year old Stevie Austin Barnes faced the hearing to determine his competency to stand trial. It was on the morning of March 2nd, that the girl reported getting the messages on her cell phone from an unknown number, in which threats of violence against her family were given, unless she sent explicit images of herself in reply. Those messages continued for most of the day, some with photos attached. Police were able to identify the source of the threats, which resulted in the arrest of Barnes. If he is found guilty of sexual exploitation of a child, he could be looking at as much as 136 months in prison, fines of as much as $300,000, and years of post release supervision.
A Winfield man is accused of drug-related crimes. 43 year old Gregory Gentle pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine in court on Thursday morning. His sentencing is set for May 28, but Gentle’s bond remains set at $1,000. Despite that low figure, Gentle remained in custody as of Friday night, according to the Ark City Traveler. He was originally arrested in a traffic stop back in January.