Two teenagers from Howard died late Tuesday night in a violent crash that happened just 3 miles north of Howard. A passenger in the vehicle was also hurt, and flown to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. The crash happened when the driver, 16 year old Damon Wilson was southbound with two passengers… 17 year old Russell Cameron and 18 year old Brandon Wolfe, when the rear passenger tire blew out as Wilson was passing another vehicle. Wilson’s car went into the ditch, rolled several times and then landed on the roof. Wilson died while being transported by ambulance. The Highway Patrol says he was not wearing a seat belt. Cameron and Wolfe both were airlifted to a Wichita hospital, where Cameron was later pronounced dead. Wolfe survived and currently is listed in fair condition at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. According to the Highway Patrol, both Cameron and Wolfe were wearing seat belts.