Organizers of the Walnut Valley Festival have announced that plans are set for this year’s Land Rush, and the Winfield Fairgrounds are in good shape for use during the festival. Campers should be aware, however, that some extremely low-lying portions of the campground may still be unusable in September. Current plans call for areas that are not generally used for camping to be made accessible in order to compensate; look for updates on social media and on-site. They also ask that patrons be flexible, and to camp in as compact a way as possible, so as to be courteous to other campers and make sure everyone who wishes to can enjoy the campground picking and jamming. The festival, for the first time this year, incorporated an online preregistration element before the initial line-up. Land Rush consists of a traditional “race” to claim campsites shortly before the start of the annual festival. As festivalgoers have arrived earlier and earlier each year to claim their spots in the campgrounds, organizers have had to create an organized and equitable process for lining up campers without clogging city streets and major highways in Winfield. WVA took preregistrations from July 1-31. In early August, staff sent notices to those who preregistered, informing them which row they will need to park in when they arrive on grounds, and when they should plan on arriving. Those who did not take part in the preregistration should plan on arriving at 1pm this Thursday, and should enter grounds from the 14th Street Side. For updates on camping and other matters related to the Walnut Valley Festival, check the website and social media. The Walnut Valley Festival, which will be held Sept. 18-22, 2019, draws a crowd of 10-15 thousand people.