The Arkansas City City Commission unanimously voted on Tuesday night to table a resolution that would authorize the city to enter into a contract agreement with Preload, Inc. for the construction of an aboveground water storage tank, or clearwell, for the new water treatment plant. The Ark City Traveler reports that a number of locals attended the meeting for the sole purpose of requesting that the commission delay voting on the clearwell until the next commission meeting, which is set for April 7. One question was raised regarding the size of the tank in the resolution. The current clearwell is a 2-million-gallon tank. The new tank would hold 1.5 million gallons.
Public Works Director Eric Broce said the city’s usage is actually around 750,000 gallons a day, but a 1.5-million-gallon tank was chosen to accommodate the potential growth in demand for water. A previous commission had intentions of renovating the current structure, which would have cost around $16 to $17 million. The proposed new plant comes in somewhere around $18 million.