This could be a problem… It seems lots of trees in Cowley County are full of fall webworms and they are quickly losing vegetation. According to the Cowley County Ag Extension Service, the infestation is not the same as bag worms, which are often seen on cedar trees. Agent Jill Zimmerman told reporters that there have been a lot of reports of the web worms so far this year in Ark City, Winfield, and generally throughout the county. According to the experts… fall webworms don’t actually kill trees, they just completely defoliate them. So, what is the best defense against the worms??? Spraying them earlier in the year, while they are small is the best defense. You also need to make sure that the insecticide used penetrates the web completely, because if it doesn’t actually get inside the web, it can’t kill the worms. The Kansas State University Research and Extension website also lists pruning and destroying the infested portions of branches as another good control practice.
Source: VNC News

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