Westar Energy has released information to alert their customers that impostors claiming to work for the electric company are calling with threats to disconnect service and demanding prepaid cards as payment. Westar says several customers have contacted their Customer Relations Center after receiving suspicious phone calls, in which the impostors are providing a toll-free phone number that when called sounds like Westar Energy’s automated phone system. They create panic according to Westar, by saying that electric service will be cut off if payment isn’t made within a short time. The fraudsters count on people taking action before they stop to think about what they are doing. The impostors are targeting both residential and business customers, sometime saying that a payment was not received or was applied to a wrong account and that payment must be made quickly to avoid disconnection. They say if you get a suspicious call, report it to the Kansas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Office, and you can do that online at InYourCornerKansas dot org.