Former Winfield City Manager Jeremy Willmoth will be handsomely rewarded for his time on the job. According to a report in the Courier Traveler, Willmoth is in line to get about $92,000 from the City of Winfield after he and the city agreed to part ways last week. The paper reports that Willmoth’s severance package includes lump sum cash payments equal to six months of his $119,000 annual base salary, 100 percent payout of accrued vacation and sick leave, six months of deferred compensation and six months of his vehicle allowance. In addition to all of that, Willmoth will also get six months of city-provided family health and dental insurance at no cost, and all wages and benefits owed for services rendered as of October 5th, minus any applicable deductions. In return for all of that, Willmoth will not take any actions against the city regarding his employment or his termination, and he will not publicly release additional terms of his severance agreement or seek future employment with the city. As for the city, it has agreed to also provide Willmoth with a job reference and not to list Willmoth as being barred from rehiring if potential employers ask about his status with the city. And both sides agreed not to disparage or denigrate the other, either verbally or in writing, according to the printed report.

Source: VNC News