If you live in Winfield, get ready to pay more for some utilities. Winfield city commissioners are now talking about increasing waste water rates. In an effort to bring income closer to expenses, the fees charged to Quail Ridge Golf Course and Winfield Aquatic Center, have already gone up, but the gap between revenue and expenses with regard to wastewater services is pretty deep. In fact, for fiscal year 2018, it amounted to more than $307,000… a gap that had to be bridged by taking out a loan. Most residential customers now pay anywhere from $15.60 to about $33.60 for waste water… including the base rate of $12 for the first 1,000 gallons. That $12 basic monthly fee has not increased since 2008… and because of rising expenses, it now is creating a deficit that calls for a 16.8 percent increase just to break even. One proposal now being considered, would raise the monthly fee from $12 to $16… still including the first 1,000 gallons of water. Then, volume rates would also go from $3.60 to an as-yet undetermined amount.

Source: VNC News