A fourth Cowley County resident has died from COVID-19. The local newspaper reports that the case is believe to be traced to an outbreak related to a large family wedding in Arkansas City that has led to a spike in active cases. Health authorities say the latest case involved an elderly person who had pre-exiting medical conditions and was hospitalized. As of this past Wednesday, the number of active cases of COVID-19 in Cowley County jumped to 55. Last week, that number was in the 30s. After that wedding, 6 to 10 members of an extended family are reportedly infected, although most of them are not exhibiting any symptoms, and say they feel fine. In the past two weeks, 2,000 tests have been performed locally, and a little more than 97% of them have come back negative. Just a few weeks ago, the number of test results coming back negative stood at about 89%, so things are definitely improving here overall.