While in High School at a thriving metropolis known as Ada, Oklahoma, M.G. Kelly worked part time at a local hamburger joint. This promising career ended without severance pay when the corporate owner announced that Kelly was drinking too many chocolate shakes and the profits were slipping. M.G. soon recovered from the devastation and decided to try a more stable business…Radio.

He walked into KADA, the local 500-watt powerhouse and recorded an audition tape. During a gentle critique of his efforts, the management told M.G. Kelly, “You don’t have the right voice for radio.”

Our hero then shot across the street to KTEN, the only other station in town and they said, “Hang around, sometimes we get desperate.” A year later in 1970, “The Midnight to 8AM Personality” called in sick and there was nobody available to go on the air… nobody, except a 17-year-old kid who calmly said, “I can do that.”

As you take a 40 year trip through The M.G. Kelly Archives, you’ll get to know a guy who has been called, “The Man with More Lives than a Cat.”

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