The task of tracking the number of cases of confirmed COVID-19 in Cowley County has taken yet another turn. In recent weeks the Health Department has tracked cases that manifested in Cowley County after a person who was not a local resident was exposed elsewhere. Those illnesses caused the case counts locally to move up during the time the people were in the community and then decline as the people left the area to return to their homes elsewhere.

On Sunday the Cowley County Public Health Officer was notified of a Cowley County resident that became infected with COVID-19 while working in another Kansas community. The worker was tested due to a cluster outbreak at the worksite and found to test positive for the virus. The individual has returned home to Cowley County to recover from the illness and as such the Health Department is monitoring the recovery while the person is under quarantine.

“The Health Department has accepted the case of COVID-19 bringing our total case count to four (4) in Cowley County,” said Thomas Langer, Cowley County Public Health Officer. “The patient is a young adult in otherwise good health with no known pre-existing health issues. This patient has had absolutely no interaction in the community and has just returned home to recover.”

A requirement for COVID-19 in home recovery is the availability of a support network that will make certain all the requirements of quarantine and the life sustainment needs of the patient are met, such as procuring food and medicine for the quarantined person and safely delivering it to them. The support and requirements are met in this case. The Health Department will coordinate the required surveillance of the person who is ill and monitor their health conditions throughout the recovery period.

“Cowley County is home to a number of people who work outside of our communities,” stated Langer. “As we have discussed before the mobility of our society and our ability to move about freely comes with added risk for exposure. Whenever you are in another jurisdiction for work, leisure or business you assume the risks of the population you interact with. While our COVID-19 case numbers have been low we know that it is not that way in several communities in the state. Please take all the necessary precautions to not bring home more than you bargained for.”

“The evidence that COVID-19 is present in our community continues to grow. Please continue to take all the required precautions to protect your health and if you feel ill; stay home, do not go out or to work, contact your health care professional or the health department and be tested. Practice safe social distancing and enhanced personal hygiene. Wear a mask when in crowed areas if you can do so properly, practice frequent handwashing, avoid touching your face and disinfect hard surfaces frequently around your homes and workplaces. The battle against COVID-19 is real and will continue, please stay well.”