Scouts from Pack and Troop 318 had to think outside the box this year. The annual scouting for food event will take place this Saturday, Oct.. 2nd and Sunday, Oct. 3rd until 5:00 p.m. To participate, place unexpired non-perishable food items in our drop box locations. Drop box locations are set up at Min Max, Dillon and Winfield Food Pantry at 318 College. If you are unable to participate, contact Winfield Food Pantry at 620-221-2183 with your address then simply put your unexpired non-perishable food items in a plastic bag and place in plain view of the street by 5:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Troop and Pack 318 will be by to pick up bags of donations and deliver them to the local Food Pantry. In the event that your donation gets overlooked, please contact the Food Panty at (620) 221-2183.